Let's reclaim our minds from being hijacked by technology.

people want to change the industry


Time Well Spent is a non-profit movement to transform how technology companies steer billions of human minds.


What's the problem? 

Technology companies want to improve our lives, but are hopelessly trapped in a race to get our attention, and manipulate where we spend our time.

YouTube autoplays more videos, so we forget to leave.
Instagram shows new likes one at a time, so we keep checking in.
Facebook shows whatever keeps us on screen, whether it's true or not.
News media turns everything into instant, breaking news.
Snapchat turns conversations into streaks you don't want to lose.


We know exactly where this is going.
It's an arms race to keep us isolated on screens.

But we've had enough. 
It's time to reclaim our attention.
And time to re-imagine technology so it puts humanity's best interests first.

We can do it, but we'll need your help.


 60 Minutes: "Brain Hacking" with Tristan Harris from Time Well Spent

 60 Minutes: "Brain Hacking" with Tristan Harris from Time Well Spent

Apps want our time, but that's not what makes us happy.

We gathered ratings to show which apps people rate as "time well spent" for their lives, and which they don't.

Most Happy

% of people happy with time spentDaily average
1. Calm99% 🙂10M
2. Google Calendar99% 🙂3M
3. Headspace99% 🙂4M
4. Insight Timer99% 🙂20M
5. The Weather97% 🙂3M
6. MyFitnessPal97% 🙂8M
7. Audible97% 🙂8M
8. Waze96% 🙂19M
9. Amazon Music96% 🙂7M
10. Podcasts96% 🙂8M
11. Kindle96% 🙂26M
12. Evernote96% 🙂10M
13. Spotify95% 🙂9M
14. Weather95% 🙂2M
15. Canvas95% 🙂5M

Most Unhappy

% of people unhappy with time spentDaily average
1. Grindr77% 🙁61M
2. Candy Crush Saga71% 🙁46M
3. Facebook64% 🙁59M
4. WeChat62% 🙁1H 37M
5. Candy Crush59% 🙁47M
6. Reddit58% 🙁56M
7. Tweetbot58% 🙁78M
8. Weibo57% 🙁73M
9. Tinder56% 🙁22M
10. Subway Surf56% 🙁32M
11. Two Dots53% 🙁34M
12. Instagram51% 🙁54M
13. Snapchat50% 🙁1H 1M
14. 1010!45% 🙁 35M
15. Clash Royale42% 🙁58M

Ratings based on Moment, an iOS app that tracks how much time we spend. Learn More


Let's demand technology built to help us spend time well.