Let's demand technology that serves us, not advertising.

people want to change the industry

Technology is hijacking our minds.

Advertising-fueled technology companies are trapped in a race to get our attention.

We as individuals can try to use our devices more responsibly, but it's our willpower against hundreds of engineers who are paid to keep us glued to the screen:

  • YouTube autoplays more videos to keep us from leaving.
  • Instagram shows new likes one at a time, to keep us checking for more.
  • Facebook wants to show whatever keeps us scrolling.
  • Snapchat turns conversations into streaks we don't want to lose.
  • Our media turns events into breaking news to keep us watching.

These are not neutral tools.
They are part of a system designed to keep us hooked.

But it's changing the fabric of society.
It's changing political discourse.
It's changing our children.

The answer isn't to abandon technology. 
The answer is to change the technology industry to put our best interests first.


60 Minutes: "Brain Hacking" with former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris.

60 Minutes: "Brain Hacking" with former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris.


We need your help.

Time Well Spent is a movement to stop technology platforms from hijacking our minds, and to start putting our best interests first.


Apps that demand more screen time make us less happy.

We asked 200,000 users to rate apps after seeing how much time they spent on them. Here's what they said.

Most Happy Apps

% of People HappyDaily Average
1. Calm99% 🙂10M
2. Google Calendar99% 🙂3M
3. Headspace99% 🙂4M
4. Insight Timer99% 🙂20M
5. The Weather97% 🙂3M
6. MyFitnessPal97% 🙂8M
7. Audible97% 🙂8M
8. Waze96% 🙂19M
9. Amazon Music96% 🙂7M
10. Podcasts96% 🙂8M

Most Unhappy Apps

% of People UnhappyDaily Average
1. Grindr77% 🙁61M
2. Candy Crush Saga71% 🙁46M
3. Facebook64% 🙁59M
4. WeChat62% 🙁1H 37M
5. Candy Crush59% 🙁47M
6. Reddit58% 🙁56M
7. Tweetbot58% 🙁78M
8. Weibo57% 🙁73M
9. Tinder56% 🙁22M
10. Subway Surf56% 🙁32M

Ratings based on Moment, an iOS app that tracks how much time we spend.
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