Let's reclaim our minds from being hijacked by technology.

people want to change the industry


Time Well Spent is a non-profit movement to reclaim our minds from the race for attention.


Change the Game


Change the advertising model to de-couple how much profit apps make from how much attention they get.

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 Change Design


Change design from exploiting our minds to enabling superhuman choices.


Change Habits


Better tools, better settings and new social norms to better live our lives.

Let's fix the arms race for our attention...


We only have so much attention in our lives.
As more things want it, they have to fight harder to get it.

YouTube wants more attention. Autoplay works to get it.

Instagram wants that attention. Likes & followers work to get it.

Facebook wants to keep that attention. Cat videos & outrage work to keep it.

News wants that attention. Sensationalism works to get it.

Politicians want that attention. Fear works to get it.


But this race to the bottom is spiraling out of control…

It's not just ruining our attention, it's ruining our minds.
The attention problem makes it harder to solve every other problem.

So we can't wait any longer. We have to fix it, right now.

 60 Minutes: "Brain Hacking" with Tristan Harris from Time Well Spent

 60 Minutes: "Brain Hacking" with Tristan Harris from Time Well Spent