What's the difference between apps we cherish vs. regret?

We partnered with Moment, an app that helps people track their screen time, to ask how much screen time in apps left people feeling happy, and how much time left them in regret. 

The rankings below reflect data collected from a pool of 200,000 iPhone users.

Most Happy

% of people happy with time spentDaily average
1. Calm99% πŸ™‚10M
2. Google Calendar99% πŸ™‚3M
3. Headspace99% πŸ™‚4M
4. Insight Timer99% πŸ™‚20M
5. The Weather97% πŸ™‚3M
6. MyFitnessPal97% πŸ™‚8M
7. Audible97% πŸ™‚8M
8. Waze96% πŸ™‚19M
9. Amazon Music96% πŸ™‚7M
10. Podcasts96% πŸ™‚8M
11. Kindle96% πŸ™‚26M
12. Evernote96% πŸ™‚10M
13. Spotify95% πŸ™‚9M
14. Weather95% πŸ™‚2M
15. Canvas95% πŸ™‚5M

Most Unhappy

% of people unhappy with time spentDaily average
1. Grindr77% πŸ™61M
2. Candy Crush Saga71% πŸ™46M
3. Facebook64% πŸ™59M
4. WeChat62% πŸ™1H 37M
5. Candy Crush59% πŸ™47M
6. Reddit58% πŸ™56M
7. Tweetbot58% πŸ™78M
8. Weibo57% πŸ™73M
9. Tinder56% πŸ™22M
10. Subway Surf56% πŸ™32M
11. Two Dots53% πŸ™34M
12. Instagram51% πŸ™54M
13. Snapchat50% πŸ™1H 1M
14. 1010!45% πŸ™ 35M
15. Clash Royale42% πŸ™58M

Our feelings about apps depend on how much time we spend…

On average, comparing between "Happy" and "Unhappy" amounts of usage of the same apps, their unhappy amount of time is 2.4x the amount of happy time.

  • 😊 22 mins per day on Facebook vs. ☹️ 59 mins.
  • 😊 12 mins per day on CandyCrush instead of ☹️ 47 mins.
  • 😊 29 mins per day on Reddit instead of ☹️ 57 mins.
  • 😊 26 mins per day on Instagram instead of ☹️ 54 mins.

Learn more about the experiment and get the latest app happiness ratings at inthemoment.io.

While this sample has a selection bias of those who care to install an app for this sort of thing, think for a moment about your own usage. Does this apply to you?



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