Measure succes based on how well a product serves humanity.



Imagine a world where News Feeds, Search Engines and App Stores rank applications, websites and services in terms of how well they satisfy what matters to us.

  • Competing to help you find a good match - not swipe.
  • Competing to help you spend the least time scheduling.
  • Competing to help you communicate effectively – not send more messages.



Companies that are designing their products to benefit our lives:

80% less time swiping matches, 5x more conversations with matches

10-15 mins less time spent scheduling for every meeting

A million hours spent connecting
in real life every month

XX new skills learned with two weeks of use

10 mins of calm and grounded morning

saves 30-40%  of people's attention on every content page

a university semester's worth of learning in 34 hours of use

15 mins of new quality sleep per night

10% less time spent on email

helps with 30 mins less daily screen time peruser


Is your company shaping our digital world?