1. How can you design for your users' deepest human goal, rather than the immediate transaction?

It's often easy to get caught up helping users "get things done" (GTD) while forgetting what would help people "get life well lived" (GLL). 


What is your product's transaction? What is it's deepest human goal?

2. How can your design get people off the screen quickly?

Do you design for choices that keep people on the screen? We design to honor all the possibilities, both on and off-screen, that would be most empowering for users at that moment.


How might your app be implicitly keeping people on the screen, versus sending them off into the world?

3. How can your app help people make shared choices, rather than assuming an isolated user?


How might your app be implicitly isolating, assuming people make decisions, do online activities, or use their phones alone?

(Other examples: Meditation apps, Google docs mentors.)