What's the problem?

Advertising-fueled technology platforms are caught in a race to grab our attention. Check out the resources below to learn why.

In the Attention Economy, technology and media are designed to maximize our screen time. (4 mins)

As technology gets more and more engaging, and as AI and VR become more and more prevalent in our lives we need to be more conscious about how we're designing our future.

Technology designers use a set of persuasive techniques to keep us hooked.
(14 mins read)

Former magician and Google design ethicist Tristan Harris explains several industry techniques used to keep people scrolling and clicking.

Here's what it might look like if technology were designed to help us spend our time well. (14 mins)

Tristan Harris shows new possibilities at TEDxBrussels.

How can design fix it?

Technology doesn't have to be designed to hook people. Check out these resources to understand how technology can be redesigned to put our best interests first.

(2 minutes) Protecting our focus

(2 minutes) Conscious of your time

(2 minutes) Choose by your values


Want to dig into the design theory and philosophy?

Time Well Spent is based on deep insights on human choicemaking, behavioral economics, and philosophy. Check out the resources below to learn more.

Watch: Designing for Mindful Choices - Wisdom 2.0
(36 mins)

In this video, Tristan goes deeper on the topic of designing for mindful choices, and how designers can be a force of change.

(1h50) Listen to the Waking Up podcast on technology

Listen to philosopher Sam Harris speak with former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris about the arms race for human attention, the ethics of persuasion, the consequences of having an ad-based economy, the dynamics of regret, and other topics.



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