Let's reclaim our minds from being hijacked by technology.

people want to change the industry


Time Well Spent is a non-profit movement to reclaim our minds from the race for attention.


Take Control

Try tools, settings and social habits to live better with technology today.

Transform Business

Change the business model so profit is de-coupled from our attention.

 Transform Design

Change design from exploiting our minds to empowering our choices.

What's the problem? 

We live in an arms race for attention. Because we only have so much attention in our lives, everything has to fight harder to get it. 

YouTube autoplays more videos, so we forget to leave.
Instagram shows new likes one at a time, so we keep checking in.
Facebook shows whatever keeps us on screen, whether it's true or not.
News media turns everything into instant, breaking news.
Snapchat turns conversations into streaks you don't want to lose.


The internet isn't evolving randomly.
We know exactly where this is going, and it will only get worse.

Our mind is our one instrument to live our lives, to be informed, to be present with each other and to solve our most important problems – and it's been hijacked.

We can solve it together, but we'll need your help.

 60 Minutes: "Brain Hacking" with Tristan Harris from Time Well Spent

 60 Minutes: "Brain Hacking" with Tristan Harris from Time Well Spent


It will take all of us.