Allow notifications from people only

Visit Settings > Notifications to turn off all notifications except from messaging apps (Messages, WhatsApp, FB Messenger) so your phone vibrates when real people want your attention, not machines. 

Most notifications are invented to lure us back into apps we don't really need to be in – turn them off to use apps on your terms.

Create a tools-only home screen

Limit your home screen to 4-6 "tool" apps you use the most for quick tasks (like Maps, Camera, Calendar, Notes or Uber). 

Move all other apps – Email, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram or Candy Crush – off the first page and into folders. Seeing the app icon often makes us want to click on the app even though we have no conscious desire to go there.

Launch apps by typing

Swipe down to reveal spotlight search and start typing the name or the app your looking for.

This turns opening the app into a more conscious choice. There is just enough effort to pause and ask, “do I really want to do this?” 

Launch apps by typing their name instead of tapping the icon.

Charge your device outside the bedroom

Get a separate alarm clock and leave your phone outside or across the room to charge. This way you can wake up without spending too much time on your phone without getting out of bed.