1. Allow Notifications from people, not machines.

Most notifications are from machines, not actual people. They keep our phones vibrating to lure us back into apps we don't really need to be in.

Visit Settings > Notifications and turn off all notifications except those from real people– apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Messages.


2. Put Unconscious choices at a distance.

When we unlock our phones, we see a field of colorful icons begging to be tapped – which taxes our mind.

Instead, try limiting your first screen to just the "tools" you use for in-and-out tasks– like Maps, Camera, Calendar, Notes, or Lyft. Move all the rest away from the first page and into folders.


3. Launch apps by typing.

Using your phone's search box to open apps forces you to make a conscious choice: it takes just enough effort to pause and ask, “do I really want to do this?”

On iPhone, swipe down to type the name of the app you're looking for. On Android you can use the Search box on your home screen.

iOS: For best results, turn off Siri Suggestions (Settings > General > Spotlight Search > Toggle Siri Suggestions to off)

4. Charge your device outside the bedroom.

Get a separate alarm clock in your bedroom, and charge your phone in another room (or on the other side of the room). This way, you can wake up without getting sucked into your phone before you even get out of bed.